Chagall, the blind man

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Picasso himself said it about Painters… He said that painting was a blind man’s profession since the Painter paints not what he sees but what he feels. There is no better example of such Painter than Chagall. As you walk through the exhibition*, you can see it when there is joy in the painting, it is there in red and yellow. You can see it when it is blue with sadness or nostalgia. As you walk through the exhibition, you can also see how Chagall felt about Vitebsk, how strong his love was for Bella, you can feel his sadness and you can feel relief at the colours of consolation and redemption. You can take a visit into his imagination and take a glimpse of the reality he expressed with exuberance. You will be attracted by the man he became, by the child he remained, by both… As you walk through the exhibition, the extravagance of Chagall’s feelings will drag along with you, reminding you at each stroke of the brush, at the slightest details, that Chagall did not paint with the eyes but with the heart. His paintings are pure feelings on canvas.

*Here are a few more pictures of Chagall’s paintings that I took at the Luxembourg Museum in Paris.

Зимняя свадьба (Winter wedding), Elena Frolova


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