DSC_0049-001The first time I started to go up an down alone by car across the French country, I drove to Amiens. I made there my first pictures; they were the first ones ever posted on my blog. This was three years ago.

Since then, I had been constantly travelling, taking pictures and posting them by the thousands, sometimes commenting them and sometimes  finding the  right poem or the right quote that went with the picture and the moment’s mood. I went through the experience with a fine-tooth comb,  until the blog was suddenly shut down by its hosting website. This was a couple of months ago.

When this happened, I was visiting Amiens again. For me, this was a sign. The blog was ending at the same spot where it started.  I had come a full circle. It was time to move on.

Quickly, I felt trapped. Trapped between the desire to start something new and completely different and the nostalgia of that on-line travelling diary. I did not want the memory of this long-drawn-out job to be erased overnight and I did not have a clear idea yet of what new thing I could start.

That’s how I started this blog. Broodingly at first. But enthusiasm quickly took over : What If I revisited the same places again and compared impressions, pictures and experiences?

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I posted (above) my latest pictures of Amiens. Though we were drawing close to the end of March, it was still bitterly cold outside. A walk in town and at the “Hortillonages” of Amiens, was rendered tiresome by the freezing weather. I was afraid colours would be faded out by the dullness that surrounded us. And as I was posting the pictures, my fingers went numb at the memory of that cold cold day.

To my surprise, the pictures combined a pastel texture with a metallic touch. Strongly contrasting with the pictures I took in July three years ago (below).

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I must have flowers, always, and always

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Here are pictures from Giverny, taken 2 years ago to the day. Now it is great time to visit that place again, not to update the pictures, but to make better ones. Especially that Giverny is now organizing a temporary exhibition on “Signac and the Colours of Water” as part of the second Normandie Impressionniste festival. My “coupe file” ticket is already in the Continue reading “I must have flowers, always, and always”

Chagall, the blind man

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Picasso himself said it about Painters… He said that painting was a blind man’s profession since the Painter paints not what he sees but what he feels. There is no better example of such Painter than Chagall. As you walk through the exhibition*, you can see it when there is joy in the painting, it is there in red and yellow. You can see it when it is blue Continue reading “Chagall, the blind man”

Memorabilia or phobia?

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People drive from all over Europe each year to this garage sale in Crevecoeur. The “Brocante” gathers more than 2000 exhibitors, many of whom are professional dealers hoping to attract a crazy collector ready to pay a fortune for the stuff Continue reading “Memorabilia or phobia?”

Mustard fields forever

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Yesterday I took a walk in the green and mustard fields outside the town of Houdan, 60 km from Paris and 20 km from Dreux. The yellowness of the mustard fields was very attractive and a pure pleasure to the eye. It contrasted with a dramatically cloudy sky that showed some saturated blueness from time to time. It was a windy day and the sound of the Continue reading “Mustard fields forever”

La Rosa de Alejandria (Barcelona)

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Barcelona is in the north of Spain and in the south of Europe. North and South have been more than just points of the compass ever since the technocratic language of the United Nations and UNESCO euphemised international relations by expressing inequality between rich and poor countries in these geographical terms. Barcelona is a northern capital Continue reading “La Rosa de Alejandria (Barcelona)”